Meet the Team

Billy Wimsatt, Founder & Executive Director

Billy has 20 years of experience in journalism (published in Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, etc); social entrepreneurship (co-founded several organizations including the League of Young Voters, Ready for Warren, Solidaire, and Rebuild the Dream); and philanthropy (co-founded Solidaire and consults for individual donors and family foundations); and relevant consulting (Obama Campaign,, Rock the Vote, Ohio Democratic Party, Green For All, etc).

Jim Gollin, Campaign Co-Chair

Santa Fe resident Jim Gollin sits on far too many boards but can’t stop saying yes to opportunities to build a better world. Educated at Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and then in Italy, France and Japan, Jim worked in think tanks and as an investment banker before helping found or manage dozens of non-profits and foundations, from Rainforest Action Network and Drug Policy Alliance to Threshold and Angelica Foundations. He is active in political philanthropy in New Mexico and nationally through the Democracy Alliance.

Matt Singer, Managing Director

An organizer and social entrepreneur, Matt founded National Voter Registration Day, Forward Montana, and the Alliance for Youth Action, working to build local youth power all over the country. As the founder of National Voter Registration Day, Matt built and managed a coalition of over 3,000 nonprofit organizations, businesses, and election administrators. The event repeatedly trended on social media; engaged a broadly inclusive coalition; and appeared on many of the largest media and technology platforms on the planet: MTV, Google, Reddit, and Tumblr. Through the Alliance for Youth Action (previously the Bus Federation) and its affiliates, Matt supported local organizing that passed the nation’s first automatic voter registration law and that also advanced key wins against mass incarceration and criminalization of youth, for LGBTQ equality, to expand investment in schools and housing, and to ensure equitable access to reproductive choice.

Jessica Pierce, Director of Special Projects

Jessica Pierce’s passion for organizing started at UC Santa Cruz where she was elected as Student Union Assembly President for two terms. After graduating, Jessica served as the Organizing Director for the United States Student Association (USSA) where she led campaigns in over 15 states. During her tenure USSA led efforts to pass the College Cost Reduction and Access Act – the largest increase to grant aid since the passing of the G.I. bill in 1944. With leaders of the Generational Alliance (GA), Jessica led efforts to develop Generation Vote, a coalition of 20 organizations invested in building a youth voting bloc that generated over 1 million youth contacts. Jessica then served as the National Training Director for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) where she helped to coordinate national election efforts for the 2012 election to turnout over 1.2 million Black voters and build uniform capacity & training programs for the national, state, and local levels. Most recently, Jessica was the National Chair for Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) where she focused on capacity-building and sustainability efforts through civic engagement, convenings, and trainings. Outside of organizing, Jessica has committed herself to building power through training, working with organizations such as Wellstone Action, Midwest Academy, and the Center for American Progress. Throughout her career, she has personally trained more than 10,000 people.

Cindy Mathew, Senior Consultant, Donor Organizing

Cindy Mathew serves as a donor organizing consultant at Movement Voter Project. She brings with her 15 years of experience in fundraising, capacity-building, and program development at leading nonprofits, including Feeding America, Amnesty International USA and Consumer Reports. She has consulted with boards, funders and nonprofits on grantmaking and strategic planning, as well as on cross-sector collaborations, both domestically and internationally. Cindy is a graduate of Elmhurst College, and serves on the Board of the San Francisco Chapter of Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly. She currently sits on the Ginetta Sagan Committee of Amnesty International, supporting women human rights defenders, and the Advisory Board of Duniya Dance and Drum Company, which uses the dance forms of Punjab and Guinea to foster cultural exchange and engage in community-building.

Victor Stone, Technology Lead

Victor is a digital consultant and strategist specializing in helping startups and non-profits make huge impact in digital spaces. He has spoken at events and conferences all around the world about technology, digital rights and freedoms. Victor is also an educator, journalist and popular published columnist and is currently authoring a book entitled “Normalize Love” due for release in late 2017.

Victor co-founded Creative Commons’ music sharing site, served as senior researcher at Disney as well as software engineer and architect at Symantec, Borland and Microsoft.

Alex Melman, Site Architect

Alex is a designer, developer, and organizer currently based in Madison, WI. He has previously worked with organizations including Bernie 2016, Ready For Warren, The Action Network, Environment America, and the World Fellowship Center.

Howard Watts, III, Program Director

Starting as a volunteer for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) in 2007, Howard eventually rose to Field Director while completing a BA in Political Science at University of Nevada Las Vegas. Howard led successful electoral campaigns that registered over 10,000 voters and had GOTV conversations with over 50,000 people. He used those same tactics to help advance corporate accountability on the mining industry and pass a suite of fully LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination laws. After the 2014 election, he began helping nonprofits meet their needs and complete projects as an independent consultant.

Marjorie Roswell, Technology Advisor

Marjorie Roswell is a web developer and environmentalist from Baltimore. Her websites, interactive maps and scorecards have served non-profits and political groups for two decades. She authored the book Drupal 5 Views Recipes and built  Marjorie has been known to sing her testimony at City Council meetings and State Senate hearings.