We have some exciting news to share. Movement Voter Project is growing and we’re planning to hire up to seven new positions in the coming months (!!!). We’d love your help in identifying great candidates! We’re looking for folks at all experience levels (can be based anywhere).

Background: Over the past 18 months, in partnership with each of you, we’ve helped more than 1000 progressive donors move $3.7 million ($1.2 Million this year alone) to more than 140 local and national groups. We are especially proud of having helped seed more than 25 new organizations or 501(c)4s. And we’re proud of operating with a collaborative spirit with everyone else in the field. In short, Movement Voter Project is off to a good start.

But we know that the need out there is at least 100 times greater than our current capacity. We know that there are thousands of progressive donors – especially now – who want to make a difference, but who need basic support, encouragement, research etc. to have the confidence to invest – especially in local groups and edgy, risky, experimental efforts – often in far away places.

To date, we’ve had a financial model of “radical generosity” in which we help everyone – donors and groups alike – pro-bono. In turn, about 10% of our pro-bono “clients” have seen enough value in our work and offered to chip in to cover our operating expenses and generously given us the support to pilot this model.

We have prided ourselves for operating on a shoestring.  But we are hitting our ceiling in terms of capacity and we believe that there is a moral and strategic imperative to grow our little team to meet the needs of the amazing progressive donors and organizers whom we serve.

Recently, some of our close donor friends have started asking us: Why are you so small and scrappy?  If your product is as good as you say, why doesn’t anyone know about it – beyond a very small circle? Are you really serving your mission and the local groups you support by being so under-capacity to meet their needs? Basically, in a very nice way, they challenged us: Go Big or Go Home!

So we’re launching a Go Big or Go Home campaign!  We’re still in the process of raising the money (ahem! we’re still look for a few more anchor donors). Ideally, we will more than double our paid staff over the next 1-6 months. We want to hire seven more positions – aiming for full time, as resources allow.

In an ideal world, we would recruit senior people who are very entrepreneurial, and the best in the world at each role. Almost all of the jobs are listed as “Directors.” But here’s the thing: We’re also willing to consider amazing mid-level, or even junior-level people for “Manager” or “Associate” versions of these jobs. So the salary ranges and even job titles are somewhat malleable within each area. For almost any of these positions, we would consider the right person in the $40k – $50k range, the $60 – $80k range, or the $80k- $100k+ range. We would also consider part-time staff and consultants. We want the best people in the world, and we understand that greatness comes in many different forms. We believe the best people are self-starters, deeply collaborative, team-oriented, and diverse in every way imaginable.

Here are the seven draft job descriptions: To inquire, please send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

Managing Director

  • Manage staff and help support a network of high-level super volunteers

  • Help shape overall organizational strategy, plans, structure, etc.

  • Plan and prep regular team meetings and internal communication

  • Lead on a portfolio of projects as needed and appropriate

  • Solve problems and put out fires

Director of State Partnerships & Political Strategy

  • Direct the identification and vetting of, as well as engagement with, Movement’s hundreds of partner organizations around the country, including by working with volunteers to keep information up-to-date

  • Working closely with the staff and key partners, manage the development and maintenance of political strategies and targeting

  • Personally work with and manage relationships with 50-100 local partner organizations plus dozens of national organizing networks and intermediaries

  • Lead on documentation of local plans, work and results

  • Assist donor advisors with development of memos or other materials for donors and present to donors as needed

Development Director, Donor Organizer & Donor Advisor

  • Oversee and support donor identification, introduction, cultivation, solicitation, appreciation, recognition, and engagement for Movement and for our donor advising efforts, including managing a national volunteer team to organize major donors.

  • Develop and implement donor education and communication programs in collaboration with senior staff.

  • Support donors to organize their own networks

  • Support local partner organizations to partner with donors

  • As needed, advise donors and support relationships with partner donor networks, including ensuring the development and maintenance of healthy collaborations with aligned donor networks.

Local Donor Organizing Manager

  • Lead on local and mid-sized donor identification, introduction, cultivation, solicitation, appreciation, recognition, and engagement for Movement, including managing a national volunteer team to organize local donor teams

  • Organize local donors in partnership with other local and national networks

  • Manage swag and visibility in marches, rallies, progressive and cultural events.

  • Assist the Donor Organizing Director as needed

Digital Communications Director

  • Work with a team of paid and volunteer designers and writers to create compelling content and campaigns – based on highlighting local work of organizations that MVP moves funds to.

  • Create and manage 100+ partnerships with key influencers, orgs and others who can transmit our messages far and wide.

  • Lead or co-Lead on creation of Annual Report, materials, storytelling, and dissemination.

  • Ideally: Evaluate cool new tech tools for Movement and its partners.


Elections Director

  • Lead on direct electoral partnerships in key races.

  • Manage VOTE MOB, Local Vote, Swing State Trips, as well as targeting and electoral partnerships.

  • Must be willing and able to travel and deploy in places for extended periods.


Director of National Partnerships & Political Strategy

  • Manage relationships with 100+ national partners in ways that create concrete mutual benefits or all parties

  • Manage or participate in key strategic alignment projects growing out of these relationships which advance our mission.

  • As needed, lead on supporting ad hoc emergency or opportunistic campaigns that grow out of these relationships.